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Gents Intimate Waxing Services

Our cheeky menu is designed to cover all the bases whilst giving you a bit of discretion when it comes to booking in. These services are currently only available on a Friday and Saturday.

This is a professional waxing service only - we expect our clients to behave appropriately, practise good hygiene and be respectful to our team. 

Double Scoop :
50 min | £66.00

All pubic hair removed from pubic mons, penis, scrotum, butt cheeks (buttocks) and butt cleft (anus).

Single Scoop : 
50 min | £55.00

Groin, penis, scrotum and butt cleft

Mr Whippy : 
30 min | £38.50

Scrotum and base of penis

Banana Split :
 30 min | £35.50

Butt cheeks and butt cleft

Oyster : 
20 min | £24.50

Butt cheeks only

The 99
20min | £24.50

Butt cleft only

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