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Frequently Asked Questions

The world of waxing can be a little daunting so here are some FAQs to get you started. We want you to have the best possible experience with the best possible results so please take note of our before and after care advice.


1 ;"How long does my hair need to be?"


It's best to make sure that your hair is at least 1cm long (roughly 3 weeks after shaving). We know it can be tempting to defuzz before your hair reaches the optimum length - but hang in there. Shaving can cause you to grow more hair follicles but waxing doesn't. Actually with regular waxing you will notice your hair becoming finer and more sparse - it also won't grow in itchy.


2 ; "Be painful will it be?"


We're not going to lie...waxing can be painful. However, we use specific wax types for different body parts and prep the skin with a botanical oil first to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Don't use a numbing gel as this means we can't check the true temperature of the wax against your skin which may result in burns. FYI - keeping your skin moisturized will improve it's condition, making it easier to wax.


3 ; "What should I wear?"


"Behold the Paper Pants!" As if getting your intimates waxed wasn't enough of a joy - we give you paper pants to make you feel really glam! For Hollywood, Brazilian and G-String it is easier without underwear on - we'll provide you with a freshening wipe to sort your self out before we start. Of course you can wear your own underwear (extended and basic bikini wax only)  but we can't promise they won't get some wax or soothing gel on them.


4 ; "Things to avoid before a treatment?"


  • Please don't make your skin sensitive by exposing it to a sunbed or the sun 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Avoid exfoliating the day of your treatment as this will make your skin more sensitive.

  • Although we want you clean don't get paranoid and have a shower immediately before your treatment! Soaking the hair softens it, allowing it to break more easily - making waxing less effective.

  • We know its easy to say but....try not to get worked up over the thought of getting waxed. Try to relax and the whole thing will be over before you know it!


5 ;"Can I get waxed if I'm on my period?"


Yes of course. Just be aware that your skin is at its most sensitive for 3 days before, during and 3 days after your period. Also you'll need to wear a clean tampon. 


6 ; "Can I get waxed if I'm pregnant?"


Yes! Waxing during pregnancy is very popular. Our therapists are trained to ensure that all parts of the body are waxed comfortably and safely. The Brazilian or Hollywood wax is a very popular treatment one week or so before the due date.


7 ; "What kind of wax do you use?"


Our peelable wax, sometimes referred to as hot wax, is from Outback Organics. It looks a bit like Golden Syrup - we spread it thickly on a small area and allow it to cool. The wax surrounds the hair but stays flexible so we can peel it off as we pull the skin taught.  We also use True Blue Strip Wax - recommended for thicker/less sensitive skin, for example legs, arms, back, chest and shoulders. The midnight blue wax is applied thinly in the direction of hair growth and removed with a paper strip in the opposite direction. Please note we DO NOT do sugaring.


8 ; Hygiene - "What is double dipping?"


Double dipping is when the same spatula is used several times during a waxing treatment - dipped into the wax, spread onto your skin and then dipped again. Pretty gross and totally unhygienic. At Wax HQ we use wooden spatulas, (with perm paper so we can use each side of the spatula) that are dipped and used once and then disposed of. So the wax is always hygienic. We also always have clean towels and wear gloves and keep our rooms clean and tidy.


9 ; "Should I trim beforehand?"


Nooo!!! The longer the hair, the better the wax will grab it and the smoother your results will be. Remember, if it is too long we will trim it for you.


10 ; "How should I look after my skin afterwards?"


  • Your skin will be a little pink but not sore afterwards.

  • Avoid sunbeds for 24-48 hours.

  • Hands off! Waxing opens pores so touching freshly waxed skin can encourage irritation.

  • Opt for a shower – don’t take a hot bath on the same day as your wax.

  • Avoid exercise and other similar activities for at least 24 hours.

  • If you've had intimate waxing then Bush Balm is geat to use for a few days after waxing to help sooth skin, keep it soft and prevent bacteria entering open pores.

  • If you get small white pimples don't be tempted to pick at them. It's a blocked pore and will disappear when you exfoliate.

  • On that note...exfoliate! 48 hours after waxing. Use scrub gloves or your favourite body scrub every day.

  • Avoid perfume on the waxed area for at least 24 hours.

  • Its best to wear loose clothing after your treatment.


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