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Wax Removal

Why should I wax?


Waxed hair grows back smooth and fine, unlike the stubble you get when you shave. Every time you wax, the hair follicle weakens and can eventaully die, leaving you with less hair. Waxing also lasts significantly longer than other depilation methods.


So whether it's to get your legs out for the sunshine, or sort your bikini line, to make yourself more streamlined for a sporting activity or perhaps you have some amazing ink work you want to show off... our team work efficiently and cleanly using techniques and products designed to make your experience as pain free and pleasant as possible.

Based in The Lion Chambers at 172  Hope Street, Wax HQ are a team of professionally trained beauty experts who specialise in waxing.


Meet the team... Louise & Jennifer

Louise : Louise trained in Advanced Waxing with Sam Marshall and is a CND Shellac and Dermalogica qualified specialist...she also trained in Make up, Hairdressing and Barbering...there is pretty much nothing she can't do! 


A founding team member of Wax HQ, Louise is a familiar face to our clients and has been putting her 13 years experience in the industry to great use helping us establish our brand, techniques and high standards.


Louise is a self confessed perfectionist and clean freak! And she puts her keen eye for detail into managing our social media visuals and interactions.  She loves that her work introduces her to new people everyday and enjoys building trust with her clients.  

Favourite waxing services? Nostrils & Hollywood!


Jennifer : Jennifer has been providing first class waxing services since 2008 and was a Scottish pioneer in specialists waxing salons providing the highest quality intimate waxing for men and women. 

From the early days of her waxing career, Jennifer sourced the best materials, developed the safety and most comfortable techniques and practised in comfortable, meticulously hygienic rooms.

Jennifer will be exclusively in residence at Wax HQ on a Saturday.

Her eye for detail and precision is perfectly complimented by her fun-loving personality to give you the best waxing experience available. 




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